10 Fascinating Facts About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of America's most iconic cities with plenty of fascinating facts about it that you may not know! From its underground tunnels to its Hollywood Walk of Fame - here are 10 interesting facts about LA!

10 Fascinating Facts About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling city that nearly 4 million people call home, and more than 50 million people visit the wonderful city every year. It is the only city in North America that has hosted the Olympic Games twice, and it is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. From its underground tunnels to its Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles has a lot to offer. Here are 10 fascinating facts about Los Angeles that you may not know.The Los Angeles Zoo includes a major botanical garden with a renowned collection of native plant species.

According to the Los Angeles County Oil and Gas Office, the oil field in the city of Los Angeles was first discovered in 1893 by gold prospectors looking for other types of treasure. The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles is such an iconic monument and tourist attraction that it's hard to imagine it ever looking any different, but when it was built in 1923, it originally read HOLLYWOODLAND. The reason? According to Fodor's, the sign was originally intended to advertise a development of segregated housing. It wasn't until 1949 that the “EARTH” part was removed.In fact, as the Los Angeles Times reports, there are 11 miles of tunnels running underneath the city, and their origins are quite remarkable.

Hollywood has been a reference for the entertainment industry for years, and in 1956, it literally became a model for artists seeking to leave their name in history. On April 6, 1956, the tower at the top of the Capitol Records building began to flash with an encrypted message in Morse code.Another interesting fact about Los Angeles is that more than 100 pumas reside within the city limits, which gives new meaning to the term concrete jungle. As specified by the National Park Service, Los Angeles is one of only two megacities in the world with big (wild) cats that live on its borders and, although they mostly reside in remote and open areas, it is not uncommon for them to visit them. According to CNBC, it is estimated that drivers in Los Angeles spend an average of 119 hours a year blocked by traffic.In fact, in 1931 alone, the forestry division planted more than 25,000 palm trees.

Los Angeles Magazine describes this strange story, which began on January 3, 1992, when a repeat of Matlock was interrupted to report on breaking news. Darren Michael Stroh, a 22-year-old unemployed electrician from Oregon, had stopped to get gas and picked up a hitchhiker. David Scott Baker, a 26-year-old boat builder from Washington State, tried to jump start with his Toyota but was unsuccessful and then returned to his Nissan. In turn, Stroh inexplicably removed a 12-gauge shotgun from his trunk, killed Scott and asked the hitchhiker if he wanted to come with.As the Encyclopedia Britannica explains, the California Roll was first introduced in the 1960s by chef Ichiro Mashita.

The location? If you're reading this, you have Los Angeles to thank. Because, as the Los Angeles Times reports, on October 29, 1969, the Internet was born there. This bug was fixed, and within a year, ARPAnet connected 10 computers across the country.Los Angeles County is the first in the country to reach 10 million inhabitants. If the five-county area of Los Angeles were a state, it would exceed all states in terms of total population size, with the exception of California, Texas, New York and Florida.

Only Los Angeles County would be the seventh most populated state.The Hollywood sign is an iconic element of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. However, many people don't know that the sign used to say “Hollywoodland”. In 1949, it was agreed that the sign would be changed to the Hollywood sign.United States: our top 10 lists Los Angeles is located in a basin in Southern California, next to the Pacific Ocean, and extends through the Santa Monica Mountains and into the San Fernando Valley, covering a total of approximately 469 square miles (1210 km). The city was founded on September 4, 1781 under Spanish government Felipe de Neve in Yaanga town.The city of Los Angeles is known for its Mediterranean climate; its ethnic and cultural diversity; its Hollywood film industry; and its extensive metropolitan area.

Below are 10 interesting facts about Los Angeles; there are 11 miles of underground labyrinth of tunnels underneath downtown Los Angeles. The tunnels run from Temple and Spring Streets to 1st Street and Grand Avenue.While others date back to Prohibition era when people used them to smuggle alcoholic beverages to some establishments in Los Angeles. It is also illegal for a man to hit his wife with a strap longer than 2 inches without her consent.It was originally created in 1923 as a temporary advertisement that originally read “HOLLYWOODLAND” to promote name of new housing complex in hills above Hollywood district of Los Angeles but due to growing recognition sign left high and replaced 1978 by more durable all-steel structure.Since 1963 this private club located former Victorian mansion served as headquarters Academy Magical Arts. A typical night includes magic shows range from close-up magic tricks scenic illusions stun entire room castle full rare memories magnificent posters.Watching car chases become something tradition throughout city Los Angeles began January 3 1992 when repeat Matlock interrupted report latest news Darren Micheal Stroh car chase most famous currently O J's low-speed chase Simpson 1994.The iconic Hollywood Walk Fame located along 15 blocks Hollywood Boulevard Gower La Brea Vine Street Sunset Yucca has more than 2 700 terrazzo five-pointed brass stars site commemorates.

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